Medical Education

The Clinical Constellation® is Skyscape's most popular mobile solution for medical students and professionals. This comprehensive collection of resources offers quick access to essential decision support. Find answers fast with our powerful SmartSearch® that searches across the entire suite of resources. In addition to the Clinical Constellation we have other value suites or if you like together, we can create a custom resource suite from our 400+ resources from 30 publishers.

Resources for Clinical Rotations

Clinical Constellation
This App Includes the following free resources:
Anatomy Atlas, USMLE, Clinical App

Anatomy Atlas, USMLE, Clinical App

  • SkyscapeRX - Drug Guide for Physicians
  • Little Black Book of Primary Care
  • Skyscape Clinical Calculator Plus
  • ICD 10-CM
Download the FREE App and check-out “Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy” it has High resolution pinch zoomable images and Hot-spots with Audio pronunciation.
Your best friend anytime day or night is the Harrison's Manual Bundle - featuring Harrison's Manual of Medicine. It contains 5 essential resources curated specifically for your clinical rotations (clerkships) and medical residency programs
Harrisons Manual Medicine

Harrison's Manual Medicine App

The Washington Manual Bundle

Washington Manual Bundle App

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics - For over 40 years, the medical intern and resident's go-to source for answers to clinical questions found on the wards and in the clinic. Short, quick and to the point, it helps you diagnose and treat hundreds of medical conditions with easy-to-read articles and procedure instructions.